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Autonomous mobility is coming – Not even the Coronavirus can stop it

December 16, 2020

The automotive industry has been hit hard by COVID-19 but the crisis also accelerated the shift towards autonomous mobility. According to the eighths edition of the Automotive Disruption Radar, which tracks 18 markets around the globe, Covid-19 stimulated technology players in the automotive sector while hitting traditional OEMs hard. Overall, country scores were the highest on record, with smaller countries closing the gap on bigger markets. The Netherlands ranked number one, followed by Singapore and South Korea.

During the last years the interest in electronic vehicles has grown. Over 50% of all potential car buyers say they are considering a battery EV, while in 2017 only 35% considered this. Further interest in private vehicle ownership rose, as well as R&D activity hit a record high.

Besides the key findings of the ADR study, four real-life developments that underscore the shift to autonomous mobility have been lighted up.

First the commercialization of autonomous mobility service, with a special focus on driverless robotaxi service. Second, the growing competition in the EV market focusing on an open-source EV platform. Third, the study takes a closer look on OEMs and the new players in the software market taking up the example of the cooperation between Daimler and Nvidia and lastly the study is covering on the rise of US EV pioneer Tesla.

To conclude, autonomous driving is emerging more and more and therefore it is one of the main concerns for OEMs, which still have a lack of technological know-how and competencies.


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