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Podcast 'Business Insights: Innovating Infrastructure, Energy & Transportation'

February 6, 2024

Roland Berger's new podcast 'Business Insights: Innovating Infrastructure, Energy & Transportation' maps the path to a sustainable future: Every two weeks, our industry experts go beyond buzzwords, exploring topics such as digital transformation, re-regionalization, and the pivotal role of regulatory frameworks in achieving 2050 climate goals. The insightful discussions shine a light on groundbreaking technologies like carbon capture and hydrogen production, revolutionizing sustainable energy and supporting biodiversity.

In the premiere episode, our Senior Partners Yvonne Ruf and David Frans delve into the critical yet often overlooked role of carbon capture in the quest for net-zero emissions by 2050. While a myriad of technologies and innovations are essential in this journey, carbon capture stands out for its significant potential, surpassing more commonly discussed methods like decarbonizing logistics.

This episode offers a comprehensive exploration of the industries and sectors poised to benefit most from
carbon capture technologies. We examine the pivotal role of regulatory frameworks in ensuring the success of these solutions, unpacking the intricacies of carbon storage and utilization. Furthermore, we discuss why global trends and current environmental challenges render carbon capture not just beneficial, but essential for a sustainable future.

Join us to gain a deeper understanding of carbon capture's place in our environmental strategy and learn why it deserves more attention in public discourse. This insightful discussion promises to enlighten and inspire, aligning with our commitment to bringing forefront innovations into the spotlight.

This week's experts

  • Yvonne Ruf: Yvonne Ruf is a Senior Partner in our Regulated & Infrastructure unit at the Düsseldorf Office. She co-leads Roland Berger's global Sustainability and Climate Action Center of Excellence. Yvonne's focus lies on creating value through decarbonization and monetizing the business opportunities from heightened efforts in climate action.

  • David Frans: David Frans is a Senior Partner with our Frankfurt office. He co-leads Roland Berger's global Sustainability and Climate Action Center of Excellence. David supports companies and organizations in strategy, change and investment projects. He is passionate about combating climate change, industry decarbonization, the energy transition and the many challenges and opportunities this brings.

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Stay tuned for more episodes coming where our global experts discuss some of the most significant topics affecting us all!